Simon Calder

Business Success Partner

Simon Calder is an expert in Start-Ups, Change Management and Growth. A Consultant with over 32 years’ experience in fiscal management, strategic planning and turning businesses around. Understanding what works and what does not work is the key for business survival and growth. Simon is passionate about giving realistic advice and offers innovative, tailored solutions. He knows that every business is different and has different issues.

Simon’s real strengths are cash flow management, profit maximisation, strategic planning and structure. He brings years of experience in senior management as an employee and business owner. Simon uses this experience to offer different solutions that meet the needs of the business and business owners, not formulas that are designed for “one size fits all” solutions.

Simon has worked in many different industries including government, telecommunications, financial planning, finance broking, entertainment and sports administration. Gaining valuable skills in margins, cash flow, expenditure control, problem solving, training and customer services. During this time, Simon has led many teams, areas and states to exceptional results.

Simon has delivered great results in client relations, customer service and team development. These results have been achieved with businesses ranging from start-ups to multi-national companies. He has achieved these results looking after one site and multiple sites, managing staff 50 plus people.

Simon is driven by his desire help business owners achieve the lifestyle they want and deserve.

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