Some owners are looking for a wand to magically transform their struggling business into a profitable one. We don’t possess a wand.

Instead, Business Success Partners Australia works hard with our clients and their teams and do what is required to achieve success and deliver benefits.

We don’t work from 9 to 5, but from start to finish.

Now there is a real possibility that we aren’t right for some businesses. That is why we do a free, no obligation Discovery Consultation; to ensure you are a suitable candidate before we get started.

Because we work with you in your business, we can only work with a limited number of businesses at a time so ensuring we are the best fit for you and your business is the vital first step.

Why are you a business owner?

Most business owners either start up or buy a business so they can:
  • Create a better life for themselves and their family
  • Make more money
  • Have more free time
  • Utilise their skills
  • Work for themselves instead of others
  • Do something they are passionate about
  • Have the personal freedom to do what they want, when they want


What many business owners are saying is:
  • It’s taking longer than I thought it would
  • It’s harder than I anticipated
  • It’s costing me money, not making it
  • There are more ups and downs than I expected
  • The money’s not great for the effort I’m putting in
  • The staff issues are on-going
  • I’m always stressed
  • I have to fix most issues myself
  • I feel quite alone and isolated
  • I don’t feel like I have anyone I can turn to for help
  • I feel like I have a good business, but need some new ideas to take it to the next level
Business Success Partners Australia is here to help you succeed.
Please feel free to get in touch if this is something that is resonating with you.

How do you feel?

Do you feel like a WORKER, OWNER or DIRECTOR in your business?
The answer often reflects whether your business is in :
  • Rescue
  • Improve, or
  • Grow
  • 5% of owners receive generous salaries, their business pays large dividends and owners work on the business, not in it.
    This is a very valuable business5%
  • 20% of owners receive generous salaries but no dividends, and work more in the business than on the business.
    This is a low value business20%
  • 40% of owners receive generous salaries but no dividends and they have high debt because the business continually needs cash injected.
    This business has no value40%
  • 35% of owners receive no salary or dividends and struggle constantly, living off the equity growth in their home. The business loses money, has no value and high debt commitments.
    Failure is imminent35%


Nearly all businesses are structurally similar, it’s the product or service that is variable.

Business Success Partners understands that the area of technical competency, or the ‘product’ behind why customers come to you is very important. However, this is just one part of a profitable, sustainable business.

We believe that with our unique skills in creating successful businesses and your industry specific technical skills, together we can achieve your goals.


To understand why businesses falter, we look to the Business Triangle which looks at strategic elements versus operational elements
Most business owners start their business with a product or service (at the base of the triangle) and find customers to by them through word-of-mouth, referrals, advertising, social media etc.

Once these sales and marketing tactics have established the business, the owner needs to manage finances as expenses and wages start to impact on profits. This is when the owner needs to start controlling all the other areas of the triangle otherwise the business will start controlling the owner.

We already know that most business owners start as a ‘technician’ in their business, with the focus on the day-to-day operational elements (grey areas). Often this leaves very little time to plan for growth by working on the strategic elements (blue).

The success of your business depends on how well you implement, control and manage ALL these business elements.

Once exposed to the Business Diagnostic you will have a far greater understanding of where your business sits in the Business Triangle and how to build a plan that takes your business into the top 5%!

If you'd like to make sure you're focusing on the right elements of the business triangle, get in touch so we can have a chat.


The Strategic Elements on the Business Triangle are when the owner works ON their business, starting with a clear path for growth towards their vision. The strategy needs developing to set the course to achieve the vision.

Getting the rest of the business on-board is achieved by getting the structure and culture aligned to this new direction. This planning process will change the way day-to-day activities are approached and improved.

Without time spent on the Strategic Elements, businesses tend to get bogged down in the day-to-day running and not achieve their growth potential.

Not only is the business owner unclear on how the business will grow, there is usually no plan that spells out to staff where the business is going and the role they will play to getting it there.

In this scenario, the owner spends their time fighting fires rather than pro-actively growing the business.

Eleven Areas of Growth Potential

Many businesses have a reasonable turnover but most of the money coming in the front door gets spent out the back.

Every business owner can put more of this money in their own pocket, but they need to know where the immediate opportunities for increasing income are and what those opportunities are worth.

The Business Success Partners Australia Business Diagnostic identifies opportunities for additional income across 11 areas of growth potential.


The difference between the income currently made compared to what can be achieved is called ‘profit leakage’ or an ‘income gap’.

Our Business Success Program closes this gap.



The Business Success Program provides a structured framework to deliver the income you want from your business.

Our team at Business Success Partners Australia have designed the program to guide business owners in setting a new path to make permanent changes that will dramatically improve profitability and value.

The Business Success Program is a phased approach to transform any business whether in Rescue, Improve or Grow.

With strong planning, well-managed implementation and good decision-making, together we can turn your vision into a reality.

Contact us today to learn more about what this would look like for your business.