Business Success Partners Australia was formed when a small group of like-minded business professionals saw the opportunity to collaborate and share their passion to help business owners succeed.

Business Success Partners Australia

We are highly experienced professionals. Our combined track record of success across a wide range of businesses and industries is demonstrated by what we have achieved since we created Business Success Partners Australia

The evolution of technology and social media is creating massive disruption and change in almost every industry.

Business Success Partners Australia believe in the power of partnership and know that more can be achieved when different skills and experiences are brought together.


Our services are for businesses not satisfied with the returns they are getting.

Business Success Partners Australia uses The Business Success Program, a unique multi-phased, structured framework unlike anything else available to assist business owners.
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Unlike other business coaches and consultants who are great at identifying a list of actions for their clients to complete, we work alongside our clients to implement changes that have been battle-tested to deliver real results.

Now, there is a real possibility that we aren’t right for some businesses. This is why we do a free, no obligation Discovery Consultation before we enter into any partnership.

Our Fee is based on the growth we generate for your business plus a small monthly retainer. We aren’t going to gain financial freedom, unless you and our other clients do, so it’s in our interest to grow the profits in your business.


We don’t believe that being in business needs to be or should be an emotional and financial roller-coaster. At Business Success Partners our focus is to see business owners win!

When Business Success Partners Australia takes on a client, you receive our total commitment. All our skills, knowledge and experience are at your disposal. Working together to improve your business, we will achieve more than you ever thought possible.

And that is why we do it! To help people uncover their true potential in life.


Business Success Partners Australia was created on a solid foundation of proven success and expert knowledge.!

The team, lead by Jason Manning, Graeme Fitzgerald, Peter Coughlan and Craig Hallam, has an extensive background across the entire spectrum of business and financial services.

With Associates located throughout the nation, Business Success Partners Australia has a focus on providing a National Benchmark for Business Improvement and support.


We get results! But don't just take our word for it..

Michael Karaliamis

I have been running my business for just over 20 years. As a small business owner it is important to continually draw on the experience of others and not become complacent in your business. I employed Rohan for a period of three months to review my current business model and define areas within the business that are not performing to a standard required. Having a second, unbiased opinion regarding the management of our business has been a real eye opener for my team. Rohan has help us review and consolidate our values as a team. He also exposed areas of the business that were clearly underperforming. Reviewing and monitoring our performance against those areas of concern is now helping to make a difference to our profitability.

Dr Joe Donnoli B.App.Sci (Chiro)


I have used Rohan as a business consultant for the past nine months and I have found his service exceptional. He is a man of great integrity and passion focused on achieving the best possible outcome for his client. I would not hesitate to referr anyone to him who is looking at either expanding their business or increasing their profits.

Steve Vaiopoulos

I just wanted to thank you for being the person who walked through my door in January when I was at the end of my tether wondering how to go about growing my business. Within a week you already had a quick contingency plan of attack and within a month we noticed a very noticeable turnaround in profits and cashflow. Within three months you had already sorted out a very comprehensive business plan and had us well on the way to recovery. It has now been nearly eight months and we are well and truly on the road to success and your commitment, energetic enthusiasm and guidance are always there for every meeting. I look forward to having a long and successful relationship and are very grateful for you walking through my door that hot January afternoon. Many thanks once again.

Nick Henry (owner / operator)

Lake Macquarie Mechanical

I’m extremely happy with the outcomes achieved to date from working with Joanne from Business Success Partners Australia. Straight up, she involved the whole team in setting the Business Vision, which meant everyone understood what we were trying to achieve, and they felt included in the process. “She helped us identify and measure the major drivers we needed to focus on to achieve our sales and profit targets, and I now have a much better understanding of the figures I need to watch on a monthly basis to achieve our 5-year plan. Our profit grew significantly in the first 12 months of working with Joanne, and I don’t have to take paperwork home with me anymore. I also feel more comfortable taking time away from work for holidays with my family, as the workshop and office now run relatively smoothly without me. I’m much happier running my business now than I have been in a long time.”

Shane and Melody William

Totally Workwear Newcastle & Port Stephens

Thanks Graeme for working with us. Over the last couple of years, we have achieved results in our business, unbelievable a few years back. Hitting our $1m sales target three years ahead of time, developing our team to be able to operate without us needing to be in the store every day and getting our finances back in order (now ahead of our mortgage payments). ‘Before we started, we were not even sure if we could afford to work with you. Now we know we could not afford not to work with you. The support you provided has given us the confidence to serve our customers with ‘good old-fashioned country style service’ in the city and build the business on that base. We know who our best customers are and why they buy from us – this is what our team focus on every day. We had always dreamed of establishing several stores – that dream is becoming a reality with the opening of our second store in April this year. We are excited about what the future might bring and look forward to continuing to work together.

Anna Szorkovszky

Rhubarb Jam Productions

Simon has been a huge asset to the start-up of our business. His knowledge, experience and passion for working with start-up businesses has been a massive inspiration. We look forward to working with him long term as our business grows and expands.

Bill Annesley

Central Coast Business Coaching

When I start with a client it is vital that they know where their income is going. I often call on Simon to help with Cash Flow forecasts, Budgets, Margins and all areas of Management Accounting. Simon’s expertise in this area is second to none. He also creates the best business plans I have seen. I would recommend Simon Calder to anyone who wants their business to grow in the right direction.

Richard Krupa

PC Wrangler

When I decided to start my own business, I had no idea where to begin. Simon could guide me through the mine field, help me create my business plan and marketing strategy and obtain the necessary bank loans I needed to launch. The process was very easy and during the initial process, met with me regularly to ensure everything was on track. Now that I’ve launched, Simon still meets me every fortnight to track progress. Without him I doubt I would have been able to launch so effortlessly, I would recommend him to anyone!